Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Most Underrated and Universal Coinage - BLAH

Sometimes I feel the word "Blah" is the most underrated. Think about it Blah is not even a real word (Oxford isn't really interested). It sounds so incomplete and abrupt........ sometimes people look for really fancy words to keep the other thinking or give an impression - Blah doesn't help you do that either....... But if you really look at it Blah is one of the most understanding and universal coinage ever...........
Blah in itself encompasses such a wide spectrum its impossible to think of all the connotations. Blah is subject to personal or group interpretations. It becomes a code with a meaning only select few know and gives you a couple of sniggers. Blah is the state of mind that describes a situation/emotion more than any word in any language....... talking about language - Blah is universal - I think if I go to an unexplored corner of Spain or trekking in some Eastern Mountain foothills.... and I feel this surge of emotion all through me - I feel all these things that make me helpless and distraught ...... this passing stranger notices and looks inquiringly- and i just turn and say "Blah" with a sigh........... they look understanding and give you a sympathetic side smile and walk away................ for all you know that side-smile was all that you needed and instead of dawding out your version of their language a simple BLAH was your savior!
So the next time someone looks at you with contempt when they hear you say "Blah"...... just shrug it off, their just don't comprehend the word that goes beyond boundaries - and their probably feeling Blah themselves!!:D