Monday, January 13, 2014

Ms Egalitarian trying to go beyond Escort and Empowered

The more strides we take and discoveries we make, the more our pasts become significant; just like the roots of the tree grow stronger with every inch it moves towards the sky. Funnily enough, this quality is a double-edged sword. As much as we cling to our cultural habits and fondness for unusual tuck-shop treats, we also hold those stereotypes. Judgemental glances that strike unawares and an atheist drawing a cross as if to adjust their collar are all part of everyday paradoxes and stereotypes. One of societies favourite examples - women, stand the test of time to be the penultimate stereotype.

We have many schools of thought - social, political, cultural, feminist ideology and the layman's brush-off attitude. You cannot bring yourself to understand why is it that even the most liberated and worldly of men and women cannot expunge themselves from it. At those befitting moments when your stereotype limerick is on the nose, you wonder "Can't a liberal make a joke nowadays?"

It's not so much the joke as the lever and pulley within your brain that thrusts out such relevant and insightful repartee. It's when you scrape the bottom of the barrel and or look underneath that you see that nothing much has changed around you. It's the same old things under a gla├žage of gloss and grammar. Even so, we cannot ignore that we are on a slow but definite path towards change. One that'll take us to the utopian future but until then, a woman with red lipstick still causes a split-second query - Escort or Empowered?
Image Courtesy - couturecourier