Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dinner for One Please.

Back at home, all I seem to be hearing is news of that somebody's someone getting married. It's just a wee bit sad that all these 'someone's' are at the threshold of a tender 22 and 23. Instead of rejoicing, it seems like an ode to wasted youth. When you go back, they all look at you and say - "Oh, you DON'T know how to make anything and everything that you grew up eating?" or "Oh, my husband is simply marvellous, just the other day he....." 

                              I understand, a new bride is somewhere anatomically compelled to speak of her husband in superlatives and suddenly turn from midnight snacker to domestic Goddess! 
On the other hand, who am I to speak against a happy union?

 What I have a problem with is that somewhere along this path, there comes this woeful sigh when you speak of those who are blissfully unmarried. The plight of the "un-domesticated woman" is something that a lot of these people find pitiful. Unfortunately, they don't realize the joy of fixing the fuse all by yourself without the help of a father/brother/boyfriend/mechanic. They don't feel the surge of pride that comes to our face after making it to work on time despite indulging in 4 LIT's the night before.

                                                                                                                    We may not be the one's who boast of the best fish pickle this side of town and we can barely manage our own family without having to worry about in-laws. Despite all this, we are quite alright and we'll see you on the other side of the stove...