Thursday, February 9, 2012

Should You Read this Post or Not?

  • I am - Content
  • I should pursue - an Artistic Career
  • I should learn - Spanish

I enjoy taking online quizzes.... it may seem stupid and a tad bit naive.... but i think it has more depth to it than its juvenile surface..... there are innumerable quizzes to find out the answer of every possible question you could think of - right from "What Does Your Eye Colour Mean?", "Will You Survive the Apocalypse?" to "If you were a Gadget, Which one would you be?" and "Which Song Are You?"........  now of course there are some quizzes that quite literally take the options you've selected and jumble the order and present you with an answer you wouldn't spend this much time to know...... but then we can see through that sham..... there are some though that ask you trivial and nondescript questions and associate it with an eye-opening answer.......
                                                                                                         .......maybe I'm giving it more credit than it deserves - so sue me!...... its largely based on a little more than a funny bone and common sense..... but there's also the 'more than occasionally', thought provoking one...... the quiz that you took because you were bored but turned out to be more honest than you'd like to say out loud...... but for someone who's trying to unfurl their identity..... trying to segregate what they want and what they think they want..... or maybe just want to see an opposite side..... they just lift your spirits up a little and make you think just a bit longer..... it probably isn't as dramatic as I'm putting it out to be..... but sometimes - it just might be.......

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