Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Me? A Liar?

I will never understand what it means to be truly open with oneself.... Because most of the time I find that I have fed myself with the choicest of lies and made a mockery of integrity..... I wonder if great kings and queens along with the wise elders, who all paraded in court, ever had such moments? ..... Sure they did, otherwise where did we pick this from?

..... Lying to oneself is one of the oldest forms of denial and much more skillful than sweeping it up under the carpet.... there is finesse in the language you use, artistry in the story you manifest and prowess in the ingenuity it takes to convince oneself against the truth that we already know...... I wonder if one is ever, truly successful to rid themselves of this human affliction.........

Although countless fairy tales, uncanny coincidences and that annoying thought of happily-ever-after tell us that it is possible......  We may as well have to live with the fact that we look into the mirror and describe wrinkly and overweight as 'not in my 20's anymore'!

Image - "Liar" by Yvonne Mabs Francis

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