Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Annealing Grains into a Damsel

It was always a little perplexing, why people associate being covered from head to waist in glittering and menacing gold as beautiful. For someone who reads through books and applies a bit of grey matter, you can understand why it evokes that wide-eyed amazement a pirate has when he lays his eyes on the bounty. It could also be the lust-soaked gaze of a man who is hardened by poverty, who is within grasping reach of his ticket to Utopia. Whatever it may be, the sheer lust that diamonds, silver and gold strike comes second only to the desires of the flesh. Quite recently, an unassuming woman understood what it meant to be overcome with such a powerful emotion. One that hasn't been written about quite a lot.
                         As always it starts with a wedding, well an engagement to be precise. A reasonably feminine woman who nurses a desire to be the belle of the ball, goes hunting for the perfect necklace. Her beige outfit is elegant but not complete and cannot truly shine without that necklace of her dreams. Within moments, fine wisps of her imagination tangle up in all permutations and combinations to form this gorgeous string that adorns her unspectacular neck. While crossing roads and alleys, she notices this small silver shop and goes in on a whim. A cursory and casual scan over the small but clean shelves and there it is; the manifestation of her dreams. It looked as if Michelangelo himself descended from the heavens, chisel in hand, to create that regal strand. Etched to elegance and burnt to a fine patina, this necklace was born to beautify a curious woman who stood at the cusp of connoisseurship.

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