Friday, June 14, 2013

Titbits of Thrift go a long way...

You don't really understand the way upbringing has permeated within you until you hear your mother's drawl as you enter 'The' Store. Eerie and effective, with this involuntarily implanted hesitancy, she's probably saved your life from a melange of fiscal fatalities. You never have to be that girl who has to hold a sale to make sure that you can pay back debts (not credit card debts because the drawl always magnified when you even passed by a billboard!). While you are sitting at home complaining about the painfully slow process of putting together your motorcycle deposit, your "credit-savvy friend" may have to move in with their welcoming albeit nosy cousin.
                                Today, you should take a moment and think about everything that you didn't do. Like the time you didn't spend your birthday money on a festival sale. How, for once, you chose to listen to what investing options really mean. The time you could buy your sister a pretty nice present for, well, just being around all these years. It is for these moments that your money truly holds value beyond numbers. When you learn that restraint is more rewarding than splurging. All the financial wisdom that your parents deemed wasted, sprouting a little late. Most importantly, for those moments when you feel that words alone lack that certain punch and when you 'can' substitute spectacular for just fine.

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