Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aaah, those days of tomorrow...

We all think about the wonderful childhood we left behind. Every time we are cornered with an unexpected bill or an additional twist, we think about how great it would be to go back in time and blow bubbles in the yard. While there is a lot of merit to this line of thought, it seems a little unfair to those special moments of being an adult. At this point, we are much closer to making a difference. We are ready to take things in our stride and bury those hatchets. When things are a little tight, you can still loosen the purse strings a little to buy your sister something nice. All those things that made being an adult a scary step, somehow manages to have its high points. Sometimes, when we take responsibility, we can't help but feel a little more ready to wake up to a better tomorrow. It's funny how seamlessly all of us transition from a clueless world to one where you're collecting clues by the dozen.

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