Monday, November 4, 2013

Just a roundup

We have a lot of opportunities to make a difference but they seem to pop up at the most inconvenient hour.

Chocolate does more credit than we give it credit for, not only is it the beginning of joy but it's now a lucrative profession and doesn't it sound seductive when you say you're a chocolatier

Anything worthy of attention must come decked in surrealist garb or dipped in the hottest neon-hue

High Heels are undeniably uncomfortable and cataclysmic for your feet but, like after cigarettes and caffeine, after a while it all seems irreverent

You haven't really achieved a truly estro-testos equilibrium until you fixed your anklet with a trusty pair of pliers or something like that

If you don't know what twerking means, then I should be talking to you instead of half of the people out there

A boy should have a nice jacket and a girl must have a pair of nice earrings, if not they need a hell of a reason

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