Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Appropriate Imagery

I’m sitting in the domestic terminal of Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, awaiting my flight back home. You’ve probably heard of the “swine flu” outbreaks, well I’m going home on one of the undeserved breaks its caused my college going life. Well not that I’d be doing much of studying but there are other college going alternatives. I’m sitting here on a single couch sipping Irish coffee reading a book about the “cool, sexy and devout” Middle East (interesting title, ain’t it?). Wearing a loose shirt, slim jeans, latex bands on my wrist, dog tags around my neck and most importantly my spectacles – thus oozing every iota of the don’t give a damn, intellectual and chilled out image that I’ve craved for since school. For me, that’s fulfilment of a dream, not a big one but a significant one. Here on 24th September 2009 at 4:14, I am one step closer to achieving goals. Now at 4:15, I realise, I’m a Loser. You see, when your in school, your not exactly mentally developed (a.k.a – DUMB). You had foolish, adolescentish (childish???//.... GOD FORBID!!) fantasies of how cool you’ll be in college. Guess what – REALITY CHECK – when your in college you spend time thinking how cool/successful you’ll be when your 20+ . The cycle goes on until your 40, that’s when it hits you (and when I say hits, I mean KICK YOU IN THE CROTCH, SMASH YOUR HEAD IN THE WALL HARD) that you spent your prime years fantasising how cool/successful you’ll be and now your nothing but a big, fat (fantasising didn’t give much time for exercise), 40 year old LOSER ( by now you know when I say loser, its an understatement). So I see these teenagers and .....Shudder.... some "not" exactly teenagers preening about in Guccis and Prada trying pitifully hard to look Uber cool/Sophisticated (whatever stereotype they choose to imitate). I wanna jump up, slap their oh-so-fake faces and say “Dude! If you took off those ridiculously expensive sunglasses (we’re indoors by the way) and look in the mirror you’d see a stiff fart loser and guess what everybody here knows that too. So what you showing off your underwear for?”. At this point it would be too clichéd and would completely kill if I say something about turning over a new leaf or a new beginning. Hey, im human and that too 19! So all I can honestly say is, I’ll try . But you have to admit, that’s a pretty big step, especially for a 19 year old.

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