Monday, November 2, 2009

Timeless 'Age Old' Wisdom

You realise your growing up (not literally) when you wonder the things that embarrassed you in the past, don’t make sense anymore. When you can’t recall (read – memory loss!!!) the “nifty” (do i need to say more?!) codes you made up. It’s funny when I was younger (note to people who may misunderstand – im going to turn 19!) a lot of things embarrassed me, as it did for you and still do for many of my peers. Wether it was mom calling me for millisecond updates on how far have I reached on my way to the store that is 10 mins away, or when your dad told you to pack the rest of your sandwich which you’ve barely nibbled as you paid for it – Oh My God…… can they BE more prehistorically “UN”-cool you drone in your up class “American” (yah right!) accent. As you grow older the notions vanish and so does the accent (as if you had it???////) . But now on this 1 hour 50 min flight I find myself answering the same moms multiple calls with almost no qualms (I said “almost”). Putting that extra sandwich you can’t finish from the ‘ridiculously overpriced’ (Aah…. There IS such a thing as ridiculously overpriced eh?? – growth) combo pack voluntarily, without so much as a swift intake of breath by your dad. Its funny what a little time alone and a couple of years can do to your outlook.

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