Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marketing Monday!

It’s a Monday morning, first one of November and it screams of a new beginning, a new opportunity, to wipe out last months (i.e. yesterdays!) mistakes…….. or so it may seem………. Today is my marketing exam which I do not know “JACKSHIT” about. It is the beginning actually, the beginning of a string of unsuccessful attempts at proving my scholastic capabilities (so much for that dream!). It seems ridiculously hilarious that at one point of life (undoubtedly the most foolish) I wanted to become a doctor. My sister refuses to keep her books in my responsibility, I really doubt wether she’d recommend anything that requires me to be holding a scalpel. So don’t even get me started on anything related to business (marketing, promotion, pricing strategies etc). You probably remember that thing in maths where no matter what your previous numbers are when you multiply something with 0 – you got 0!.... So no matter what big wig strategy you have that the most business oblivious simpleton could figure out, you got me aboard – 0 will follow!

But hopefully this marketing exam would be something I laugh about years later in my mahogany furnished palatial “abode” nibbling on Godivas finest, set against the backdrop of sunset in Spain. But till that fantasy becomes a reality, God Bless anyone who gives a Marketing paper today.

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